Tiny Sunflowers

Holistic Doula Support

Human Centered + Evidence Based + Ancestral + Earth Conscious

Through collaboration, education, care, and connection, Tiny Sunflowers aims to re-claim healing and family building experiences.

By working with Tiny Sunflowers, individuals and families are changing stigmas towards radical self-care, strength in seeking help, returning to our roots, and asserting autonomy.

Tiny Sunflowers Holistic Doula Offerings Include:

Inner Child & Ancestral Healing

Bodywork + Birthkeeping

Extended Postpartum/ Parenthood Support

On-Call/Backup Childcare

There's a Doula for You

A doula provides emotional and physical support. Some act as companions and others as coaches. Doulas are mostly known for providing support during pregnancy and birth; however, doulas can specialize in a variety of niches such as fertility, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, newborn care, parenthood, bereavement, death, life transitions, intimacy, massage, pre-operation, and more.

I consider all of my offerings as support work for different transitions in life, even for individuals who are not parents. ALL of my work is doula work. My specialty is in extended holistic postpartum/parenthood support. If I am not a fit for a prospective client, I will gladly aid them in finding doulas with more appropriate niches. I strongly believe in community and finding the right fit!

Tiny Sunflowers supports individuals and families in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Claremont, La Verne, and surrounding areas.
Email: info.tinysunflowers@gmail.com
NOTE: The best way to contact me is by booking a consultation call using the "offerings and Investments" link or filling an inquiry form at the top of this page.
I respond to all inquiries within 1-3 days.


What is a doula?A doula provides support in regards to the family building and reproductive process. Doulas typically provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum support; however, there are doulas who have specialized niches and doulas who are full spectrum (which acknowledges all aspects, outcomes, and circumstances regarding pregnancy). Doulas are NOT medical providers and cannot give medical advice. Doulas provide emotional and physical support, education, and provide resources and referrals.
Are doulas only for waterbirths or home births?No! Doulas can provide services in homes, birth centers, and hospitals.
Why should I have a doula if I already have a physician and partner?While partners and physicians are incredibly important, doulas have a very different role in the family building and reproductive support process. Doulas have an arsenal of comfort measures, techniques, and can help partners be more involved, provide education and encouragement that leads to empowerment on birth rights and options, and maintain a safe space for the birthing person. Doulas may also have specialized niches, such as fertility support or bereavement support.
Is it worth having a doula?Yes! Everyone deserves to know their rights and have support. Support can look like a lot of things, and doulas know the various ways to support birthing people and new parents. They can provide comfort, help expectant parents feel more prepared, and ease the transition of bring a newborn home.
What is a Newborn Care Specialist? A NCS is trained in providing newborn care and family support. NCS have knowledge in feeding, health conditions, sleep conditioning, swaddling, caring for multiples and preemies, and recognizing and supporting baby blues and postpartum depression. Many NCS are utilized overnight by enforcing healthy newborn sleep habits and supervision which helps parents sleep better throughout the night. Some NCS can provide light household help and sibling care.
What is a Postpartum Doula?A PD and NCS have similar duties and training. However, a PD focuses on the parents. A NCS focuses on newborn care. It is important to clarify duties and professional framework with an NCS or PD before hiring them.
What is Montessori? The Montessori Method focuses on fostering independence, academics, practical everyday living skills, and an awareness of the self and others. The Montessori Method is most widely used with toddlers and preschoolers; however, it is highly beneficial for infant, elementary, and high school stages of development. It is a beautiful educational and lifestyle approach that is most effectively carried out with a trained or highly knowledgeable Montessori Guide/Educator.